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♥️the journey to my heart


By: Candice Kumai

It began six years ago. I would travel to Japan alone, a guiding light took me back. It was my Grandmother, my Baachan. The last year that she could walk + talk, mom and I coincidentally flew out to spend time with her. At the time, we didn’t know that would be her last year at home. All we knew was that we wanted to spend time with her beautiful heart. She was the matriarch of our Kumai family.

I ran in my Grandmother’s hometown park in Kyūshū, four miles, every morning. I ran through this park in the spring, in the summer, in the fall. I ran in the sweltering heat, I ran in the pouring rain. I ran away from things I was hiding from.
I ran in this park with a whole heart, and I’ve ran with a broken heart… completely shattered.

I remember the last time mom and I saw her. It was pouring rain outside, grief stricken, we had to leave her bedside. Turning my head up to the sky to wash away my tears. We then, had to carry on her legacy, it wasn’t by choice, it was the calling.
After the years of flights, the runs in the park, the handholding in the hospital, my mind began to open up, and it became clear to me, I was to heal my heart + share with you my story.

I was also here to help to heal the world.
I was to honour my heritage + my family’s legacy.

It wasn’t about playing small or basic anymore. It was never about trends or surface level…. it was my past, my culture, it was to honour them. I am a child of war, brought together by true love.
What is your homage, your heritage? Who do you honour? What’s the legacy you want to leave.
Be patient with yourself…It may take you many years to find it.

Yet it is in your heart.

The journey to your heart is not in playing small, it’s in your honor & your story.
The 5 month countdown to my new book begins…
I hope to meet each of you, so you can share your story with me.
Can I get a ♥️♥️♥️ for all the love you have in your heart?

Now, be still, go meditate, write, run, go be of service, go dream…

just never, ever play small xx ck

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