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10 Ways to do More of What You LOVE in 2017

Lifestyle > Inspiration

2017 is the year to do more of what you love! But for reals this time.

Do more of what feels amazing. Stop talking about it + start being your own bestie.

By: Candice Kumai

Here are my fave + free ways to feel amazing + not give AF about anything else!

I don’t care if it’s with flowers, food, pets, matcha, painting, a man, 😆🙃😜😉, surf, skate, craft, yoga, hike, basketball, cycle, paddle, jog, garden, farm, go outside+ play.
Stop comparing, just be yourself. Do something to unwind. Dance, sing, take a long amazing bath, swim or just breathe. Life is beautiful, when you stop, take a look around +admire.
Your happiness is measured by your opinions, thoughts +mind. Be aware it’s all in your mind, be carefree and feel good about just doing you. Wear that bodysuit, that red lipstick, smoke that cat eye, go after that job, man, lady, gig, dream you’ve always wanted. What do you have to lose??
Call them, see them, laugh w/ them, just do more with your true confidants and loved ones 💘💘💘they love you! The ones who really matter will never judge you.
You knew I was going to say this. Circulation, breath, endorphins, lean muscle, it’s all good. Go go get some + get hot in 2017! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Idk what it is about baking, but damn, I love it. Especially my banana chocolate chip cookies+ vegan funfetti cake. Eat them, share them & enjoy!! 🍪🍪🍪don’t calorie count in 2017, change your lifestyle + eat whatever you want!
Put on some George Michael, some OneD, some Beibs, Drake, Jem, DJ Snake, Sting, MIA, Duran Duran, Miike Snow, @steveaoki, sing, dance, #turndownforwhat.
Take better care of yourself this year, commit to more sleep, cleaner eats, sweat sessions, more hot sex (w/the perfect partner), more travel, more abs, arms, legs!
Now, more than ever, you can have the career of your dreams. Yes, you can work at home in your pjs with matcha🍵. So work. Stop talking +get on it. BUILD YOUR BRAND. Find your talents+ turn them into your dreams + a Biz.
I encourage you all to express yo self.

You got this 2017 💋💋💋 Did I forget anything else!? 💘💘💘💘SLAY ALL DAY xx ck 📸 @kevinkimphoto 

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