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the art of not conforming


By: Candice Kumai

⚡the art of not conforming:
2018 has me believing again.

My whole career, as an artist, I went w my heart, even if it got smashed, which it did many, times.

As a female in the food industry, the pain/discrimination was part of my path. This year, with new endeavors like collabs w @SXSW, @Forbes, @Girlboss, @ariannahuff, @iamwellandgood Council + the new book @harpercollinsus I’m committed to sharing my story, in hopes you can see, a girl who started from the bottom, waiting tables in college, fit modeling to pay bills, paying for culinary school on my own, this girl does it all⚡🦄😌😇🙏🏼 :
Here are my Best Tips on “Making Shit Happen”:

1 Execution trumps all talk. If you want to be a killer, you need to produce. Anyone can talk or troll, but it takes a true artist to pick up the brush, the mic, the camera, the knife, the pen + get going. DO SOMETHING, just start.

2 Ignore the haters. If I listened to all the mean shit people laid on me for years, I’d never equate to anything. You have to ignore+remember that’s about them, not you. Pray for them. 🙏🏼

3 Integrity+Grit: those two things set me apart from the rest. I always did my best & never cut slack. I’m as hard on myself as I am my team. I expect excellence, that’s what the reader deserves. Recipes that work, images that captivate, content that matters! Writing that changes the world, and evokes emotion, connection + action. That’s what grit+integrity do. I write ALL of my own work, recipes, my site, my newsletters, I produce/direct each of my books & shoot my own content/videos⚡the art is in the artist.

4 Skills: I learned them. I went to culinary school young+thirsty. I worked in restaurants +production for years, I educated myself on Japan, nutrition+wellness. I didn’t come from money, I had to teach myself skills. Much like Japan, a country w no natural resources; they were out of luck- until they realized SKILL was what they could offer the world. Guess what? At the size of California, they are still a world power today. Get some skills, use them, humbly+gracefully.

5 Humility + Grace: This is what my character is made out of. Mom + Dad taught me to love, to be kind, to be respectful. Although I hate rules, I respect everyone, even when they were shitty to me. Grace Always Matters. 🦄 📸@kathrynmichael

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