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Cook Yourself Real...


By: Candice Kumai

Over the past few months I have received numerous emails, facebook messages, tweets, DM’s, blog posts and even handwritten letters saying “Thank you,” “You’ve changed my life,” “I cook because of you!,” “I used to be scared of cooking, but you make it fun.” I’m inspired by you to cook.” “I bought your book for my husband and I to lose those final 20 pounds.” “I shared your book with my diabetic Mom and she absolutely is obsessed with you.” “Thank you for writing a book that is about real foods and cooking for life and those you love.”  And even an “I went from a size 14 to a size 4 because of you.”

My eyes have welled up in tears over these letters. I’m going to be perfectly candid here. This has not been a simple calling in life. Now, it has not been a horribly detrimental path either, there just seem to be some moments where it has been sacrificial and isolating. However, it’s the only garden I’ve wanted to sow my seed in. The garden of you. I’ve dedicated my life to helping those in need, to those who want the information I have researched and to those that want to live a long, full, happy life. I like to live with a full plate and a full heart. I am so imbued in my work, it has simply become my life’s calling. I’ve dedicated so much of myself into my recipes, food writing, food television and making your plate healthier…I hope that you can taste the love that my work marinates in.

After shooting the past few years with Cook Yourself Thin, and  Home Made Simple (I mean my bangs and cardigans alone on “Cook Yourself Thin” say it all)… I am bloody dedicated… (and I didn’t even show you work from the years prior, the hair was that bad.) I want you to know how grateful I am, how loyal and how much I care. And how I want to say thank you for your kind words that make my heart absolutely melt. Please keep cooking real foods, friends. Stay away from the dieting traps and marketing ploys and just get back to eating the way that Grandma once did. If I must beg I will, but I think that you are smart enough to make these incredibly important decisions on your own, without me on my knees.

Here’s to you cooking yourself real, and your 6 months of eating “Foods with Benefits” from Pretty Delicious. It’s never been about dieting. I’ve never put myself on some “cleanse” or some ridiculous pre-packaged, chemical-laden-processed, calorie-free fad diet. I’ve never fallen into the marketing trap of 30 days of chalky shakes or 2 weeks on a slimming xenadrine, phen-phen, slim-faster sick dieting. I can still fit beautifully in my size 27″ jeans, thank God. Can we all just agree on one thing? Diets suck! They don’t work and they are a ploy to get some skeezy, rich-ass, corporate big-wig laughing to the bank. So the next time you ponder thoughts on a crash-diet, want to play hooky with the blue-print cleanse or take copious amounts of chemical-diet pills to say thin… Please remember the information you were given. By eating real foods again, practicing yoga, running, surfing, swimming, cycling.. you can have the healthiest and hottest body ever. The real way.

You’re way smarter than that. If you just eat all wonderful, real, nutrient-dense foods in moderation, drink loads of H20, keep booze in moderation, get over the phase of partying and late-night debauchery on the weekends, you too will feel like a million bucks without the need to purchase your next 90 days of Nutri-Slim.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you, I care for you and your health. Please take good care of you. Do your research and find a love for real foods again. Food will inevitably be an extremely nurturing part of your life, make amends with it. Love food, embrace it, devour it. Love those you cook for and nurture so much that you are aware of what you are putting on their daily plate. There is beauty in everything. And I find my biggest love and beauty is in people, not in food. I have so much love for people that this has become my dedication to life. And this, my friends, is just the beginning….Just you wait. Thank you again for being there to listen, receive and grow.

If you plant a garden the butterflies will come to thrive. I’m sowing.

Eat well, be well, mostly be happy and laugh a lot xx ♥ ck

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