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k i n t s u g i 金継ぎ

Inspiration > Girl Boss

By: Candice Kumai

k i n t s u g i

The Japanese art of golden repair. My next book sealed with “golden repair” will be based on the metaphoric display of sealing your cracks, your times of pain, your losses, lessons, vulnerabilities with golden repair.

In divine timing this book came to life. It was not a book that fell into my lap, this book took a great deal of time + detail. It took many trips to Japan + many conversations with my super devoutly-Japanese mom.

It was a book I was terrified to write. It’s so new and fresh, it’s still being edited to perfection for you. There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t cry, or skim over the  thousands of worlds and hundreds of paragraphs over and over to ensure it was my best, honest & correct work. There’s a build up we are going to have to all share together for this book & wait to see her come to life over the next few months. But it’s the only book I’ve ever been terrified to write.

I sometimes feel that I am not enough, some days I am scared, other times I feel I will be judged, what will everyone think? We are so quick to judge now on instagram, maybe we can instead uplift, support and say, “hey, I’m going to support you, I commend your bravery, I thank you.” Kintsugi Wellness will also help to give you breath. You’ll be able to feel a little more “normal”, “relatable” and real. This book includes over 12 chapters on Japanese practices that will improve your whole life. As well as over 40+ delicious recipes that my mother inspired me to cook with my fresh Japanese-Californian upbringing.

What kintsugi shows us, is an undeniable metaphor to honesty, to strength, to healing + repair. I went to Kyoto to study under a kintsugi artist to uncover, it has been practiced for thousands of years. This metaphor to your life I learned of over in Japan the past few years of my life & I am pleased to share her with you babes! It’s time for us to all take a deep breath and study this Japanese art to know we are uniquely more beautiful and glittering when we come out of trauma or “broken” times, healed and sealed after the lessons.

I’ll be updating each of you with the book over the next few months, along with the launch dates + our locations.


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