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m a t c h a + m y h e r i t a g e


By: Candice Kumai

That moment when you’ve found your calling + you never would have thought this was your moment.
My biggest heart opener of the year was showing you, how I healed myself through golden repair. In showing you my honest pain + struggles, I was never fake. I honour myself. I honour my Japanese heritage + Californian upbringing. I mend the two.

I no longer write about trends, I only write from my life’s experiences, my heart, the wisdom of our elders and traditions of my heritage.

Wellness isn’t about wealth, charcoal lemonade or fancy athleisure.

I trust that you too, will find your calling, but it till take time, be patient, work with grit + resilience. Be honest.

It’s about the practice, it’s about the sweat, it’s the time meditating, that deep moment where you checked out, wellness is a mindset. How deep is your heart, how big is your smile? Your capacity to love is immeasurable.

Wellness is free and accessible to everyone. Pray more, meditate on the reg, go forest bathing, practice mindfulness, help others. Respect others who have pioneered this space.

Now, go, go heal your whole life.
You’re alive.
You’re well.
Now, go in search of meaningful shit.
Stuff that helps others to improve & feel incredible.

When you help others, you’ll reveal your true life’s calling, that’s one promise I can keep to you.

image by the beautiful @kathrynmichael watch my insta stories for more! ⚡️⚡️

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