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Pampered Pantry at it's Best


By: Candice Kumai

My favorite makeup artist, Robert Reyes and I explore the adventures of all that your Pampered Pantry has to offer! Did ya ever think the lactic acid in your $50 bottle of beauty serum was the same as in yogurt? Or that egg whites could tighten and brighten like your $30 eye cream?? Think about it.. and hit up page 243 in your stunning-from-the-inside-out-book, Pretty Delicious! Have an incredible week, gorgeous!  xck

Get Obsessed


The Hawaiian Clean Green

I go to my beloved Hawaii once a year—it is one of...


Cranberry Tangerine Spice Smoothie

Blend up some beautiful cranberries (bonus if it's your leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving!) to create a refreshing, tart, immunity-boosting smoothie this morning.


30 Things I've Learned (or wish I had) Before 30

A few days shy from my thirtieth birthday, healing from a slightly torn heart, wrapping up my new cookbook, and getting prepared to take on a new decade of greatness... I pass on a few of life's greatest.. From the pits of my soul to the genes of a Japanese Mother, these slightly-philisophical notes should be kept in your pocket and close to your heart.. Use them daily. For life is far too precious to waste. Click Pic for ALL 30!