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RUN Yourself SEXY! Here's HOW:


By: Candice Kumai

Running. It’s a pain. Yes, I know my dear. Yet without pain, there is no progress. Did you know you have the hottest bod and it’s just yet to make its debut? We all have a hot and tight stomach, lean arms, sexy legs and an ass that turns heads, you just don’t know it yet! Let’s get to work!

Running/marathon season is among us, and since I have signed up for two races this year; Run10Feed10 and the Nike Women’s Marathon, I wanted to share my top 3 reasons why YOU should RUN this year… It’s 150% possible and absolutely free to RUN Yourself Sexy.

Hey,┬áSMART, is SEXY! Run for Better BrainHealth: Running has been shown to aid in a sharp memory, boost your brain cells and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Running, quite simply– has brain-boosting-powers! It’s also been linked to aiding in the prevention of many diseases, such as┬ádiabetes, heart disease and even conditions like obesity. Keep your heart/cardio rate up in prime shape while also reducing the risk of disease!

RUN for a Hot Bod: Well this is a no-brainer right? Running WILL aid in a HOT, SVELTE, and TIGHT BOD, like no other workout. Running burns up to 100 calories per mile (on average) and is still one of the least expensive and most effective workouts. Run for strength, muscle tone and for a full body workout.

RUN to Detox: But of course, running will detoxify and rid you of all of your sins. No, really, running can actually help your body to heal itself to get rid of toxins and keep you in tip-top shape. Exercise has been shown to help your organs properly function at the same time. Running will also speed up the detoxification process. Exercise helps get blood pumping thru the body, thus bringing more nutrients to all of your sexy organs and muscles. Running and proper exercise can aid in more lymph fluids circulating thru your bod which in turn will detoxify and filter out those nasty toxins and harmful materials. Booya.

Run to erase your mind, to set yourself free. Run just to be.

See you at the start line, hotties. xx ck

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