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superpower playbook: how to kill it in a boys club:

Inspiration > Girl Boss

By: Candice Kumai

Well, it is time — calling all the ladies– this one is for you, it took me weeks to put this one together….

and damn I’m giving you all of this advice for free– burning big holes in my pocket right now. So please: Karma is free and real: Subscribe, tell 3 friends this week to listen, and write reviews for my pod and books. #WabiSabi forever xx ck

Here’s what Ep 15 is all about: CLICK HERE to listen to my cult-followed PODCAST now! 

The Superpower Playbook: How to KILL it in a Boys Club:

Stop Complaining + Start Killing it with Grace + Use what WE CAN to our advantage: 

  • Lead by great example
  • Take better care of thyself — women are hot + can drop jaws just by walking into a room — men cannot do that
  • Be chill
  • Be graceful
  • Practice grace – be patient and nurturing, practice grace
  • Help Other Women!!! WTF!!
  • Follow more FEMALES who are leading the way: unfollow anyone who does not make you feel good.
  • Females — in business are who you should be looking to support! – females have a much different experience in business than men —  so listen to my work, support my work + give other women in business your support. Simple.
  • Buy female books, listen to female pods, share female work
  • Create Original Content- Be yourself.
  • Look for women who have broken through the barriers: support them — show don’t tell
  • Volunteer with women you love and admire! — HUGE thank you to: Cecelia Smith, Abiola Fasehun, Joanie Taylor, Rona Tison, Jacqueline Lobdell, Lauren Scharf+ Norby Duran for ALL volunteering your time with me (for free!) – I am beyond grateful
  • Check in with other women — show don’t tell
  • Don’t make assumptions that other women are doing great — you should check in on them

Flowers bloom, beautifully next to one another — they do not get jealous.

love you always see you on my insta. xx ck

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