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the school of greatness


By: Candice Kumai

Hi friends! Today, I’m honoured to be on The School of Greatness:

With my friend @LewisHowes: The Beauty of Breaking, Meet Kintsugi Wellness + why I wrote this new + REAL book for you.

What we learn from today’s podcast:
1- Never let your mask/persona move far from who you are as a person.

2- Look to your failures or mishaps + tough times as growth + gifts.

3- Realize life is not perfect. People tend to show only the good times. I will talk about the dark and low times, that is what made me who I am. Let us be more REAL.

4- You are complete on your own; you do not need another to “complete you”— when you are out there doing all the things you love, they will find you!

5- I like who I am now, better than who I was. Time, healing, progress, growth. That’s what Kintsugi Wellness is about.

6- Beauty is found in those who are broken open + those who do the work. It is not here, not on the web or in media, it is in real life, behind the curtains, behind the person & in your heart.

7- Real deal entrepreneurs attract one another. If you want to be successful in the school of greatness, take your mask off & start loving who you truly are. Good times and bad, all you’ve got at the end of the day is you, your grace + your truth.

More on the gifts Lewis and I share with you, on the school of greatness podcast. Please listen now & pick up the book, Kintsugi Wellness! Lewis, my gratitude and love to you, Jen and Christine xxxx ck

Kintsugi Wellness:    enriches your whole life without having to do anything but read a new perspective + implement a new mindset.

What can you do to get to your next level? Order a copy for you and one friend. 

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