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to love yourself


Learning to love your body.

It's something that's taken me a lifetime to master, considering it's been a large part of my career.

By: Candice Kumai

At 15, I started modeling in LA + also working in restaurants. By 19 I was a full time fit + print model while paying for college and culinary school + still working in restaurants.
By 22 I decided, post college, I’d enroll myself in culinary school because I loved cooking & the only way I could pay for it was by fit + print modeling. It was a constant struggle, my body, cooking, for modeling, paying those culinary school loans (I’m still paying them off).

By 23 I competed on the first season of Top Chef, I made some lifelong friends.
At 24, I sign with WME IMG & I got my first book deal, and by 25 I was hosting tv shows with Lifetime, TLC, HSN… by 26 I was writing for all the health + food magazines + guesting on everyone’s shows.

By 28 I become a regular judge on Iron Chef America. My body was still always an issue. By 30, I had written 4 books + work as a food editor and columnist at magazines like Shape, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health & Women’s Health. Learning to love myself, whilst working in wellness may have always been a struggle, I was too busy trying to help everyone else be their best selves.

By 33 I’m on my 5th and 6th books, I work with E! News on the regular +I stop trying to fit in, I start really loving myself. I stop trying to fix everything. I accept more, while expecting nothing.

I start learning to please + take care of myself. I better stumble upon my heritage on my recent family trips to Japan + realize, my heritage is my body, it’s my mind, it’s my life’s greatest gift to share with all of you. But it took me all of that time, all of that work, to realize, I love myself and my body, and I’m going to take care of myself, so I may be of even better use to others.

I’m going to come first. This weekend, make time just for you, love.

When you love yourself, you shine and when you shine, everyone around you is attracted to your light. Happy weekend babes, off to go mentor some young girls with @adidaswomen @adidasrunning @popsugar @gotrla IRL.

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