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Vulnerability + Your Open Heart


By: Candice Kumai


When you are your truest self, you are vulnerable. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength, not weakness. Yesterday at my W.E.L.L. Summit talk, I cried. I cried in front of the whole audience. As I shared my past year of setbacks, struggles & heartbreak, emotion overcame my heart. I’m a strong girl, but the tears come as they may. There is an ebb and flow to life. Allow the tides of emotion to come in, and come out, don’t fight it.

I have to now, gently allow myself to be open to new things, new people, new places and new experiences. As I open my whole heart, I am vulnerable. I spend most of my weekends, writing alone. My best work has always come from my vulnerabilities and being alone. My best writing comes writing from deep inside, not from outside influence.

Go deep inside and get to know your true self. You’ll never have to pretend to be someone you’re not, you’ll be able to feel each real emotion in it’s truest state, you’ll be able to find the truth in who you are when you are vulnerable. Be beautiful you. Let’s, x ck

Image: Alison Dulaney

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