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ten years

Inspiration > business

March 27, 2017: Today marks my 10 years of being an INC, Biz owner, S Corp from LA to NYC.

A gift for you: My Top Ten Things I've Learned in my Ten:

By: Candice Kumai

I N V E S T: in yourself, your health & your mind. Your body is your vehicle to success, be really good to it.

C R E A T E : be original, be inspired by more art, travel, family, heritage, tradition, life’s experiences. Create meaningful content that matters.

B E H O N E S T : be sincere, don’t lie, don’t take advantage of others, don’t be someone you aren’t. Never let your persona move far from who you are as a person.

D O Y O U: you don’t have to wear a suit to be a biz-nazz owner, in fact, you look better when you dress in what makes you, you. Creatives can be business owners, too. Do you.

F O L L O W  U P: be diligent with your emails, meaningful with content, sincere in your work. Always follow up & stay the course.

B E  T H E  C R E A M: cream always rises to the top. Do your work well, practice your craft. Choose and demand excellence, every time.

H U M I L I T Y: don’t be an asshole. Be chill, be kind and be open to embracing others. Stay humble on the course, stay true to your values and morals. Don’t change for anyone. Work from your heart, humbly, gracefully.

ITS NOT ABOUT MONEY: don’t let money be your focus. As an artist, I believe that grit +persistence, being really really good at what you do, the best! That’s what pays bills, the money will follow.

B E  K I N D: practice cultivating more kindness in your heart. Gratitude. Love. You don’t have to be a bitch to get what you want. Kindness is free, it’s simple and I encourage you to meditate and exercise, see nature and friends. Hang w your homies, your mom, your pets. Cook more, laugh more, smile. These things will keep you kind, loving, lovable. Do more IRL & do something kind for another each day.

T R U S T: trust that God/someone is taking notes. They see everything you are doing & trust that your success will come, with time, hard work +diligence. Trust that karma is a b, and the bad ones will fall off. Trust your journey, stay your course, trust when you are forced to create a new path. Let your heart be your life’s compass. 

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