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💌 Postcards to Mom: Amsterdam


By: Candice Kumai

Dear Mom,
Hi from Amsterdam🇳🇱! It’s been really lovely here working side by side with my Dutch publisher in the Netherlands. I got to see Van Gogh & I looked at him with your same adoration.
I got to see Jenni in London (hipster sis) and work on our non-profit in Paris.
Sooo I figured this out on one of my flights — the best part about being a #realdealglobal writer//bestselling author… My books aren’t gonna end up at Ross anytime soon… this is great news… (and you know, we love Ross)

What I mean is we will be published in eight more countries and counting + I’ll be sure to write to you on each trip.
I’m so glad we never compromised the value of our work in the arts. We did original work from our heart & now the world is reading our book! #Kintsugi!

I think its appropriate to pay respect and gratitude to each global publishing house.
I know things are never perfect, #wabisabi. Running my company globally has been beyond tough, but it feels like this is the exact place + space I am supposed to be.
We got our first deal memos in from Tokyo, I started writing and directing our next global project 🙏🏼⚡️ I hope that ALL GIRLS can see: anything is possible through gratitude, hard work and love through the global lens//perspective we all share.
you taught me, you can do anything you want in this lifetime. I believed it.
It’s not just on social, its in real life; what we do everyday in real life, matters & people are taking notes, reality is setting in. Start a REAL BUSINESS ladies, start doing something real.

PS this is exciting because I have no idea what is to come…
PPS Dutch boys are like omg hottt. YKM.
xx with love from Holland 🇳🇱♥️

TAG a friend & tell moi DUTCH boys? French? Spanish? Italiano? Who’s your fave!?? .
designer: @joie
shooz: @guess
I used to be the fit model for both @joie and @guess @marciano 💕crazy how all is full circle

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