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10 Ways to Come out On Top (+ stay Golden)

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By: Candice Kumai

Success is measured in the eye of the beholder, it’s different for each of us. After a tough year of struggle, I have found a successful life revolves around positivity, experiences, adaptation and growth. We all have different goals, and not everyone will take the same path to success (that’s what makes life so incredible!), here are some of my favorite tips to ensure that you come out on top, no matter what you’re after! + remain, glowing and golden like the goddess you are xx ck

  • Say Yes! We learn the most during new experiences, and it’s those moments of knowledge that help us grow. Instead of fearing the unknown, say yes to the opportunity in front of you and let it take you down a new path! Don’t let money be your goal, say yes when everything feels right!
  • Chill + Feel Good. You’re a human, and humans need rest in order to function at their best. Read a book, take a bubble bath, pet a cute dog, head to the beach (I’m collecting seashells here b/c I’ve loved that since childhood!) go for a stroll in the park with a girlfriend, call Mom. Whatever it is that makes your heart smile, even if it seems small, make time for it. It’s the little things that help keep us sane and happy. Begin to let go of anything and anyone that does not make you feel good. 
  • Be Compassionate. There comes a time when we all need a helping hand, and you’ll never forget who was there for you. You never know what the person next to you is experiencing, so show some compassion. Compassion, its free, it goes a long way and… it always comes back. Courtney, Steph, Jenni and all the girls, I’ll never forget how you were there for me this past year, never. I got you for life. 
  • Love Fully. When you grow older and you look back to reflect on your life, what will you want to remember? I know I’ll cherish the moments I was surrounded by the people I love the most. We get what we give in this world, and if you give love to the people in your life, you’ll receive it too. I live with the notion to always give my all, and to love with my whole heart, even if it gets crushed in the end? I will have lived my life, knowing I gave it my everything. 
  • Laugh ALWAYS. I think this one is very important! Laughter is some of the best medicine in the world. It can cure a sad day, and make a bright day even happier. Laugh at a joke, laugh at yourself; just remember it’s okay to relax and giggle + totally geek out more! 
  • Eat Happy. Your body is your temple, and you are a goddess! If you aren’t caring for it, you won’t be able to help yourself and help others grow. Eat clean, eat yummy, and let yourself indulge once in  awhile! 
  • SMILE. You look gorgeous when you smile. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a smile is worth even more. Feeling yourself smile after accomplishing a hard task, or putting a smile on someone else’s face after you done a deed of kindness- they’re all beautiful. A true smile can also help to keep you and that big heart, golden. 
  • Know Your Worth. In this age of the strong, independent woman, it’s so important to remember who you are, and to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t let anyone try to treat you in a way that is less than you deserve- whether in your romantic life, at work, or with friends- know your worth and stand strong! When you find the right match, they will treat you with love and respect, nothing less.
  • Take Responsibility + Be Accountable. To make a positive impact on the world and those around you means to be responsible and accountable for your actions. It’s important to keep promises, and only take on what you can successfully achieve, without putting yourself in negative, stressful situations.
  • Accept Failure as Progress to Success. Sometimes things just don’t work and that is a-okay! Knowing what you don’t want is just as important, if not more, as knowing what you do want. My Dad always told me, “…after you get through this, Candice you’ll come out even better”. If a plan doesn’t work out as you intended, try not to be so hard on yourself. Learn from the experience, stay graceful and resilient, reformulate the idea, and give it another go! With love x ck 

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