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10 ways to get FIT for Summer



By: Candice Kumai

Summer is a great time to show off that confidence, and kill it in a cute sundress and your favorite pair of strappy sandals! Of course, being healthy is a year-round job, but it’s just so much easier in the summer!

#1 – Move! Get moving, run, swim, bike, surf, jog, practice: yoga, meditation, tennis, join a recreational sport team, sign up for a class, get off your tush and do something to make it hot. A few of my favorites? A nice run across the Willburg bridge to “get away,” a stroll in Central Park, a beach run back on the Cali Coast, a 2 hour surf session at D Street in San Diego, or a hot bikram yoga session.

#2 – Swap to Stevia: Want to save hundreds of calories a day naturally? Get to using Stevia in the Raw instead of your chemical sweeteners or tons of high-fructose corn syrup and you will feel that fat disappear.

#3 Be HAPPY! – The sexiest people are the happiest people, so change your perspective, change your outlook, change the way you feel. It’s not up to them, it’s going to be up to you.  As my sister says “you will attract more bees with honey.”

“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”— Audrey Hepburn

#4 Learn how to COOK again!- Taking charge of all of your cooking will save calories, cash and keep that body healthy! So learn to cook yourself fit by using less butter and oils and limiting your caloric intake by 500 calories a day. Cook brekkie, pack your lunch and make your dinner! Get better control of your caloric intake, fat content and cook yourself satisfied!

#5 Skip- it!-  I’m not talking about that 80’s half-jump rope thing that we grew up with, although it was pretty fun and probably does burn calories. I mean skip the dessert, that last drink, the side of fries, the large milkshake, the butter on your popcorn, those mashed potatoes drenched in bacon bits, or the worst, the side of fatty ranch dressing. Skip it and save hundreds of calories and get a slim, fit waist!

#6 EAT PROTEIN – Get more protein into your diet! Research shows that people that consume more lean protein will burn more fat and calories, and will thus keep you leaner and meaner. Some of my favorite foods for lean protein?  Salmon, canned tuna, garbanzo beans, tofu, soba noodles, eggs, and almonds.#7 Swap it! Instead of butter go for extra-virgin olive oil, instead of soda go for sparking water, and instead of  gobs of cheese sauce or ranch dressing, go for salsa. Make smarter choices,

#7 Swap it! Instead of butter go for extra-virgin olive oil, instead of soda go for sparkling water, and instead of  gobs of cheese sauce or ranch dressing, go for salsa. Make smarter choices with simple swaps!

#8 Eat your Greens!- Greens will keep you more vibrant, healthy, fresh, and they contain antioxidants that will keep you fighting those free-radicals that will cause cancer! Greens should be juiced, salad (ed), sauteed, grilled, roasted, braised, boiled, or steamed into your diet every day! Become a greener person and become healthier overnight!

#9 Get Smarter!- Consume more omega 3 laden foods and get smarter. Like I always say, being smart is hella hot. Watch this segment with the lovely Dr Oz and I. We explain different types of omega 3 foods that will boost your metabolism and keep you fit and fabulous.

#10 Commit- Commit to being healthy, happy and sexy. If you want rock-hard abs, then work for it. Nothing says sexy more than a commitment! Tell yourself that you will make better choices, you will put down the low-carb, full of sugar bars, full of sugar shakes and sugar-laden sodas, and you will get back on the health wagon.

Word up xx ck

Here’s a hot oldie-but-goodie model pic from like 2003 below… hahaha hilarious, nice strappy Louboutin’s and blonde hair Candice!! Ughhh!

Yeah, dude.. it's clearly time to get with it and kill it in a bikini this Summer. Sick of that back fat behind your jeans? Want to get rid of that jiggle on those arms? Hate the way your ass use to sit high, and now gravity is winning?? Then fight back! It's time to make some changes and GET HOT for Summer 2011 kids. (Click pic to read)

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