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Dear California, 2013 Resolutions

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By: Candice Kumai

To my darling and real friends and fam in California (and beyond);

Thank you for this past trip, it was, by far, the most memorable holiday back home. Thank you for being there. For listening. For holding my hand. For laughter. For great eats. For great vino. For great, deep conversation. For yoga. For Bar Method. For reminding me I am never alone. For listening to my bullshit, and putting up with it (some of you for almost 30 enduring years.)

I am truly, so touched and so grateful to say, I have a plethora of incredible friends. There is no shortage. From LA, OC, SD and SF; I finally made real time for all of you, and that feels amazing. Thank you for making time for me, too.

My heart sings for all of you and your true friendship. I met four beautiful new babies (Jackson, Hudson, Gunnar and Juliette.) Welcome to the world! And ironically, on this same trip, I chose to painfully accept and bury relationships that are not serving me well. Such is the circle of life.

You are not alone in your life changes and commitments. Make time for those you really truly care about. And if they really truly care about you, they will return nothing but pure love and goodness to your heart.

May this be the most exciting year of your lives. This year, (2013) a new show/series I’m cast on will be announced. I am finally learning to open up, accept, change and grow; publicly. Send happy and warm thoughts for this to be the most successful year yet! I am sending all of you my very best wishes and love as well. By finally exposing, admitting my faults and life’s lessons, I hope to give all of you permission to relate, reflect and shine. I hope you can learn from all of my mistakes and grow.

Along with my gushing, California love-letter; I also leave you with my Five Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. May you share  them, learn to grow and accept more.

1- Let things GO: Things that are not serving you well, let them go. This can be different for everyone. In my case? This entailed people, bad habits and being a weak and dependent individual. That is not me. Don’t hold on to anything that is causing pain, suffering or unhappiness. Let it all go. Be free. Be honest with yourself.

2- Stop Complaining: Complaining never gets you where you need to be. Whining was never the answer. Instead choose to quietly find a solution.

3- Moderate those Bad Habits: Getting less than 8 hours of sleep, not paying full attention, being addicted to my Blackberry. Drinking on school nights, allowing someone to hurt my personal feelings. Making excuses for others. Making excuses for myself. Allowing others to take advantage of myself. These things are not happening anymore. I am stronger. Peace out yo.

4- Learn to Accept and Grow from it.: Learn to accept others just as they are. Do not try to change people. Do not try to manipulate. Do not expect a thing. Accept individuals as they are. Say, “thank you, it is enough.”

5- Smile More: Did you know that a simple smile can change your entire day? Consequently, a simple smile can change someone else’s day as well. Everyone loves a real sexy, bright and white grin. It takes absolutely no extra effort or time. Smile more. You look way hotter than you know.

Here’s to your most successful year yet. Envision success. Thank you for simply reading.

Move forward in life with love and grace, ck

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