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4/14 Keep it Classy, For Japan EAT+PRAY+HEAL JAPAN

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Pardon my not being around the computer this past week! I’ve been busy following my heart on an event so dear to my heritage!

Join the biggest and baddest in TOP CHEF Seasons 1-7 + All Stars: Angelo Sosa, Harold Dietrele, Mike Isabella, Kevin Sbraga, Hung Huynh as they collab together to help EAT+PRAY+HEAL JAPAN, an amazing fundraiser I headed up for the children in Japan + UNICEF! Come join us along with the most fabulous Andy Cohen, for a night of cocktails, chefs and mini bites. Enjoy, play and have fun!   SOLD OUT! BUT TIX TONIGHT @ THE DOOR!

http://eatprayhealjapan.eventbrite.com/ TWEET AT US: @4Japankids #EPH

WORD UP… give back, be positive and a force to be reckoned with .. it’s called karma.. always comes back.

xxx Candice

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