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5 Tips to Improve any Run


By: Candice Kumai

For those of us overachievers that torment ourselves to constantly make that extra mile, it’s important that we do so with extra care and love. Before my race day for the Nike Women’s Marathon tomorrow,  I’ve done a bit of research for all of you so that you may continue to live a successful, healthy and good life. Stay fit + fabulous as always.. and follow these few tips for optimum performance.

Hydrate, Like Mega: It’s important to get all the water, electrolytes, water and more water the day before and day of. At least 64 ounces a day and approx 16 ounces of water for every pound of weight lost after the race.

Carb Load: The week of (but not the night before): While it’s important to carbo load the week before, it’s not the best idea to go carbo loading the night before. Also, steer from that vino the week of the race. Alcohol is not your friend on the pavement.

Breathe: Your body needs the circulation, the oxygen and the deep breaths that will keep you calm, relaxed and will also aid in the prevention of side cramps (evil little bitches) during the race. Make sure to inhale long and deep through the nose and out the mouth.

Rest: I always promote sleep because it’s free and fabulous. Your body deserves long, deep, relaxing and stress-relieving sleep. Especially two nights before your race day. Remember to rest, it’s as important as kicking ass on your run.

Have FUN! Although we sometimes forget that signing up for any race, or running, in general, is an elective choice, we may tend to forget that it’s not mega serious. I mean it’s for an incredible cause and we are all in this together as hot-ass women on the go, but we are supposed to have FUN and really enjoy the moment! The San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon is also one of the most scenic, stunning and gorgeous marathons in the nation. Enjoy, run, breathe and thrive! See you on the pavement. xx♥ck

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