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5 ways to stay on your mental game

Wellness > Wisdom

It's officially my biggest week of summer.

By: Candice Kumai

I reveal our official launch with adidas. My Bon Appetit Mag project goes live, I’m hosting Samsung‘s event launch for #ChefCollection & shootin 22 segments for Samsung tomorrow, starting at a 3:30 am call time.
I post my first stories on matcha for Byrdie Beauty + I’m shootin with Sephora. I’m writing book #6, running my small biz in NY & LA + continuing to keep it all beautifully, together.
How you may ask?: Here are my top 5 ways to stay on your mental game:
1- Chill with friends who make you feel amazing: My friends who uplift, who make me crack up, who have always supported, these friends are your golden ticket! My girls all made me laugh this week! I got to hug a few of them + do dinner, even though we are all miles apart, they are so supportive + compassionate. Love you girls for always telling me to keep going! ⚡️When you choose a new path, not everyone is going to be thrilled for your success, note that you’ve got to hang with the people who keep you up!
2- Matcha for the win!
Not just saying it. Matcha is my mental medicine for the am. It’s full of l-theanine + a streamline of light caffeine, plus antioxidants. It keeps me on point with all my writing, meetings and I’m happy!
3- Workout Daily:
My workouts are my sanity, they keep your blood flowing, serotonin levels up, abs tight, your energy levels up. Even when I hate going to my workout of the day, I always know, I’m one workout away from being in a great mood ⚡️
4- Look to the Bigger Picture:
I know if I continue to be successful, play big + I follow my dreams, they will lead me to success, to fulfill my wildest dreams & I’ve been more creative these past few years bc of this notion. The man, the kids, the home all of that will follow.. I worry not, I dream big.
5- Stop Giving AF:
This one is always the hardest. You’re gonna have to let go. See a friend, a therapist do whatever it takes to clear the noise. Talk it out, meditate, hike, let go of what doesn’t serve you.

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