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A Heartfelt-Crafty-Valentine's


By: Candice Kumai

No idea what to get your man for Valentine’s Day? Having trouble finding an idea for Mom that she’ll actually love? Follow us along on a crafty journey, where my crafty-stylish-totally fabulous friend Becca Doyle will ignite some ideas. In addition to this little home project, whip up your favorite Pretty Delish recipe, light some candles, grab a bottle of vino and prepare for some serious one on one!

This idea is an inexpensive and creative way to say “I LOVE THEE” without being that cheesy. So what’s more romantic than listening to one of your favorite songs as a couple? A song that brings back memories of when you first started dating. Have an old frame? Some pens? You’re already halfway there.

Get that song in your head and start writing! I chose to spread our song quote over 4 different frames. (But feel free to use whatever works.) It could be one single small frame that you set at the V-Day dinner table or on his bedside the morning of.

So, when writing your lyrics is important NOT to be too perfect. After all, this is from the heart and meant to feel like you made it. And who likes perfection anyways? It’s the flaws that we love.

Your simple, rustic handwriting will work perfectly. If you want to get a bit fancy check out dafont.com or Pinterest for font ideas. Pick a font and trace by hand to make it seem more crafty.

Make it a goal this year to create projects using only the stuff you have laying around. It’s a challenge, but pretty gosh-darn gratifying. This paper was from an old Martha Stewart scrapbooking kit- good ol’ Martha to the rescue.

Don’t let the daunting blank page scare you.  These lyrics used are from a Common song called, “The Light.” Start using a pencil, then go back over it with a black pen and red sharpie. I chose red and black but any color combo would be awesome! Or if you’re up for a challenge you could paint the letters.

If you’d like, cut around the lyrics almost like “word bubbles” and mount onto another sheet of paper. Or you can simply write on a single sheet up paper if you prefer. That’s the thing about crafting! It’s a do-whatever the-heck-you-want-kinda-thang! Now’s the time to put perfection aside and have fun.

So in addition to the lyric art, you can make a super simple V-Day garland using brown paper grocery bags. Simply cut hearts to whatever shape you like (we all remember how to do that from elementary right?) Sketch an arrow and cut that out. You can add another shape but a simple heart garland is fine on it’s own. Find some ribbon-hole punch the hearts/arrows, add glitter (oooh-lala Mariah) and string it up. Donezo!

It’s not rocket science but it’s got exactly what you need- a heartfelt, I love you enough to make something by hand, kinda’ feel. 🙂 aweeee!

So the icing on the cake. Don’t forget about the delivery of this. It will make all the difference. Don’t just wrap up the frame and give it as a gift, where’s the fun in that?

I suggest preparing breakfast in bed-think of Toasted Almond Sticky Buns (page in Pretty Delicious)-YUM (with the art on his nightstand or breakfast tray) or a Vday dinner-think Candice’s Hearty Veggie and Chicken Pot Pie’s (with the art hanging above.) Sounds like the ultimate right?  Make it an extra sweet, crafty and special one! Happy Valentines Day!  Especially to Becca+Tim and Lil Wes! Love you all, xx Becca+Candice xx

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