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A Hymn For the Weekend

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By: Candice Kumai

Hi from beautiful Tahoe, gorgeous!

Do you ever feel super disconnected to your purpose, your calling, and wonder why you even began? Do you ever feel stuck, saddened and disconnected? Your journey to find your purpose starts today. You’re coming with me for the next six weeks as I begin to open up my heart and my heritage and write my sixth and most anticipated book on Japanese wellness. Yes, it is finally time. I’ll take you to Tokyo, Kyoto, Koyasan, Beppu and Okinawa. Just follow along on my instagram and snapchat: Candice Kumai.

Finding your purpose, or “ikigai” as we say in Japanese, is an essential part of life, and I’m just like you, bae, I’m searching to add a bit more depth to my soul. I’m currently in Lake Tahoe, choosing to let go of much of my past and take on a new perspective on life. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, and its best to let go, go inward, work on yourself and be one with nature. Do more of what makes you feel really, really good.

On my off days I went trail riding, hiking and stand up paddle boarding. Dude, I completely bruised and cut up my legs and ate sh*t on my trail ride, 2x! It was amazing. I began to realize that solo time, time to re-connect with nature + letting go + being active in the sun made me feel like I once did when I was a kid. I began to feel my life’s calling and purpose again. That’s who I am on the inside. Now, you have 15 weeks this summer to find who you are, and your deep rooted purpose. Get out there and let go. All you need is some SPF and a pair of kicks.

California, you’ll never lose me again. After writing and shooting in NYC for the past 6 years, it starts to wear on your roots, my heart and soul became distorted and disconnected from my writing. I began to lose touch with who I am.

I took this solo trip to see my girlfriend Meg get married. And then I’m off to San Fran to meet my bestie (from college!) Steph’s new baby! Aug 1st we go to Japan, where I will be saying goodbye to someone very precious and dear to my heart alongside my family. A wedding, a baby, a funeral. This is my life, and this is what has reconnected me to better reveal my true purpose. I am a writer, a journalist, and a friend to all of you. I share my stories so that you may be able to enrich and better inspire your life. I want you to live and love the best possible life now. Because you are deserving of that. Now, go get on one of those 15 weeks of summer, and go re-connect to you.

with love and light,

PS A huge thank you to GMC and Lynn and Ted for taking such good care of me in Tahoe! Please pass this newsletter on to a bestie, or someone you love + instagram me your recipe pics this week!!! YUMMM! Follow my crazy life on snapchat! And if you are in search of finding something or someone? They will find you when you are out there doing all of the things you love.

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