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A New Kind of Chicken Noodle


By: Candice Kumai

During these harsh winter months, the first snow falls in NYC and the scarves, coats, and gloves come out. You call your friends to meet out at a bar for a “warm-up whiskey” or two and you want to consume nothing but soup, soup and more hot soup. Well then here’s your perfect unique way to fix a hot soup on those terrible freezing cold days.

How to change up boring ol’ Chicken Noodle:

– Step into the limelight. Add a lime! Why not? I mean those South East Asians have some of the best flavors. So live through inspiration. Find a place of love with your cooking and create your own signature soup! The acidity from lime brightens any bland soup. No lime? Go for its big sis, the lemon.

– Make it hot. Chili flakes, or Siracha/Rooster Sauce. is the shizz. Put that into your bland chicken sopa and watch that metabolism rev!

– Fine Herb anyone? Oh, and not those herbs… Fresh thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano or whatever you have leftover will do! Herbs add more phytonutrients as well as a vibrant, potent aroma to any bland dish! So throw a time sprig in there, or go bold with rosemary. Live a little!

– Spice it for life yo. I love adding star anise, cinnamon sticks, mace, nutmeg, even dried ginger to my soups. Not only does it add brilliant flavor and an aroma that can warm a room, it creates memories and will make you fall in love with anyone. I made that last part up, however, if you are reading this, I know you love my silly, fun comments. So spice up that bad boy with more from that fantastic pantry.

However, you like to do it, do it well. Use leftover veggies, bones, etc, just don’t waste a thing while making that stock. ┬áHere’s a recipe for a fabulous turkey/chickie noodle as well. I personally love using leeks and leftover beet tops to make my soups a bit pink.

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