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a return to love


By: Candice Kumai

✨the truth behind my baking
A return to love is secretly why I bake. “Mono no aware”, feeling the Japanese pathos to life.
These cakes take a great deal of time, I can get lost, I can escape in the precision, mixing, the whisking of the frosting, the planning, attention to detail & mostly the decorating.

I prefer to decorate with slightly wilted flowers, because to me, they are more beautiful, like wabi sabi. I probably never shared this, but when I enrolled myself into culinary school, it was the first time in my life I fell deeply in love with my work.
These cakes help me to get lost in my work.

Sometimes people expect so much of us, it’s hard to show up and be 100 all the time. It’s not realistic. One of the most powerful chapters I wrote for you, was about fleeting perfection. Seeing imperfection as a reality & for its beauty.
The consideration of being a bit more mindful, honest, having more compassion, more empathy, to change your perspective. To be kinder & gentler to others.
I constantly give so much to others, it’s important for me to check myself & replenish my cup.

Let it come from my artistry of cakes. Getting lost in something you love will help you to find yourself. & consequently, they will find you when you are out there doing more of what you love. Meaningful things, little things that fill your heart & make you better. What are your favorite things to get lost in? Do tell and write to me on instagram xxx with grace & take great care x♥️ck

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