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AAPI Resources: How to Support


By: Candice Kumai

supporting the Asian community 


on CLUBHOUSE: in light of recent events, it is more important than ever to understand the challenges facing the Asian community and support through education, awareness, facts and how we create change, together. Please scroll below for more resources to help:

Ally Maki, Jamie Chung, Erin Lim, Shanina Shaik, Liv Golding, Kristina Rodulfo, Shadai McSween, Nadya Okamoto, Aya Kanai, Diana Tsui and Candice Kumai. Support Asian Business, Buy Asian Books, Uplift Asian Women, Appreciate Asian Culture, don’t appropriate! xx ck

Ways to support these incredible women: 

Watch Ally’s many TV shows, and movies

Watch Erin on E! News

Workout with Liv Goulding!

Support Sha at Sephora Singapore

Read Kristina Rudolfo’s amazing work

Support Aya Kanai at Pinterest!

Check out Shanina’s Modeling Career!

Watch Jamie Chung on our Fave Streamers!

Follow Nadya’s Period Movement

Read Diana Tsui’s relevant and timely work

Buy Candice Kumai books and sign up for my Newsletter



GoFundME Stop Asian Hate

Important Educational Resources:

Reading to Understanding and Supporting: 

Stop Asian Hate: report an incident

What to Watch to Learn and Support: 

Jamie Chung on: HBO APA Visionaries

Mental Health Help Resources: sources for the AAPI Community




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