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About Candice: Culinary & Wellness Pioneer

⚡"the wellness golden girl" - forbes

Candice Kumai is a Culinary & Wellness Pioneer & American business woman. Named “The Golden Girl of Wellness” by both ELLE and Forbes, Candice is a 14-time award winning writer, French classically trained chef, and former-model-turned journalist. She has written for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, Shape, Yoga Journal, Men’s Journal, Well + Good, and has contributed to Forbes, Chopra, Goop, WSJ, New York Times Travel, NHK World, Women’s Health, TODAY Show, E!, Good Morning America and more. A Top Chef & Selena + Chef alumna, Candice has appeared as a regular judge on Iron Chef America & Beat Bobby Flay. Candice directs, writes, hosts and produces her own shows, content, award-winning documentaries and best-selling books with her own production company, Kirei Media. Candice also hosts the weekly, top ranked podcast Wabi Sabi and has written six previous books, which reached bestseller lists and were translated across the world. Spirited is her seventh book. Candice contributes a majority of her time to non-profit work in animal rescue and helping the hungry. Candice has been a SAG member since 2007.

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Candice resides in Brooklyn, New York.

*While Candice Kumai may look like a young “influencer” she is a media/publishing mogul with over 22 plus years of experience and “A Pioneer, The Teacher of her Generation” – as quoted by Dr. Andrew Weil.

“Kumai is paving the way for paving the way for women in traditionally male-dominated industries, with the ingredients in her pantry & making Japanese self-care more relevant than ever.”- FORBES

“Candice Kumai has extensively researched the history of ground green tea powder—to learn both about its health benefits and her own roots. She shares a more zen, calm, and focused approach to life.” – VOGUE

“Candice Kumai is a teacher for the next generation, a PIONEER of her time”- Dr. Andrew Weil

“Candice, you can teach the world so much. A new role model, Candice Kumai she uses her own journey to show how Japanese traditions can enhance not just our bodies, but our minds, our hearts & our spirits. Candice Kumai is a true new role model, showing how ancient practices can help us thrive in the modern word.” – Arianna Huffington

“Because of her creative writing and video talents, Candice Kumai is an ambassador for Japan. – Consulat General of Japan, Hirofumi Murabayashi

“Candice’s books are an exploration of culture, heritage, mind-body wellness, and spirituality that you’re more likely to find in a memoir – Perhaps the most powerful way to share these traditional Japanese wellness practices is through food, and Kumai deftly mixes old-school with new. Turn to her for thoughtful guidance, reflection, and inspiration.” – GOOP

“The Wellness IT-Girl. Candice Kumai’s social channels share heartfelt personal stories about travel and persistence alongside photos of clean, nutritious, beautiful food.” – Well + Good

“One of our favorite culture and travel writers” – TODAY show

“Candice Kumai, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, TV host, and New York Times best-selling author of the Clean Green cookbooks franchise, is the golden girl of the wellness world. She’s a go-to source on all things clean eating and also serves up some serious #fitspiration to tens of thousands on social media.” – Elle


» Japan Society New York, Ambassador Award 2018//2019

» New York Indie Shorts Awards, Official Selection, Kintsugi Wellness, 2021

» Los Angeles Independent Shorts Awards, Best Web Series & TV Pilot, Kintsugi Wellness 2021

» Los Angeles Independent Shorts Awards, Best Documentary Short, Kintsugi Wellness 2021

» Los Angeles Independent Shorts Awards, Best Director, Kintsugi Wellness 2021

» Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Web Series & TV Pilot, Kintsugi Wellness 2021

» Los Angeles Film Awards, Official Selection, Kintsugi Wellness, 2020, 2021

» Tokyo Lift Off Global Network, Official Selection

» DIFF Film Awards, Best Director

» DIFF Film Awards, Best Drone Film

» DIFF Film Awards, Women’s Film Award

» Asian Cinematography Awards, Finalist, Kintsugi Wellness 2020-2021

» Japan Society Houston, J. Thomas Schieffer Leadership Award, 2023

Candice’s Recent Writing//Reporting/Media/PR (She is *NOT* an Influencer)



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What They're Saying

“The Clean Queen. Candice is widely recognized as one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country.”
“A trailblazing millennial, changing the world as we know it.”
"Candice Kumai is the golden girl of the wellness world. She’s a go-to source on all things clean eating and also serves up some serious #fitspiration to tens of thousands on social media."
"A digital influencer with a fit image."


Candice is featured in and contributes to top tier publications, shows and brands.

Giving Back

Candice contributes her efforts to dozens of charitable organizations each year. She believes that each of us has a gift and a calling, to better our community and one-another through our talents.


Candice curates

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