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Almond Milk! Cheers y'all!

Wellness > Smart Girls

By: Candice Kumai

Drink up! Well if you’re talking regular ol’ milk that can be a no-no at almost 130 calories a cup! Consume 2.5 glasses and you’ve just swallowed the amount of a brekkie sandwich as well…So save yourself the calories, the fat and the lactose intolerance!It’s time for you to swap to ALMOND MILK! I’ve been drinking this stuff since 2003 and I think that I’ve grown into quite the lady because of that!

GO for the blue! Almond milk is amazing because:

1- Low glycemic index (Gl) for all of you fabulous diabetics out there

2-It’s dairy free, and if you’re like me you will appreciate this! I am indeed lactose intolerant, and that means no milk for moi. Almond milk YES! Easy to digest, makes for a happy tummy.

3- At 40 calories a cup (unsweetened) vs 130 calories a cup of regular milk?? You have gotta chug that by the glass!

4- Contains vitamin: E, A, D, calcium and potassium and that’s just plain sexy.

5- It’s got no added sweeteners and it’s perfect for your go-green, hippie, vegan friends.

6- It’s just IN and its cooler to drink almond milk than regular milk. So get with it, people. Get your almond milk on today!

Here’s a great video of my boyfriend Nate Berkus and I... (ok guys, he is clearly not my BF, now when I say these things about my sexy colleagues I’m JOKING!) But we ARE chatting (here) about Almond Milk!

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