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around the world in 30 days: best travel tips (for abs) like-for-ever


By: Candice Kumai


just crushed 6 shoots, 2 events, 2 weeks of research + meetings, 12 VO recordings, a wedding and a full 4 part, 28 min each documentary from NY to Tokyo to SYD and back in 30: Only real deal here, not a blogger, just a writer who runs two global companies, sharing what I’ve learned along the way:

ten ways I travel +run my biz global + keep it 💯
1- always pack my matcha 🍵 @matchalove
2- always use weights at the gym while traveling + keep it ⚡️put in gym time if you want abs
3- explore, hike, walk + get lost somewhere everyday
4- eat the local fruits + veg + fish wherever you roam.
5- make new friends at your Pilates class @bodymindlife 👯🥰♥️ they’ll stretch you out realllll good
6- cardio is king — do it at least for 30 everyday
7- snacking is coo, just think nuts, green smoothies with little sugar + hydrate
8- adjust to their time zone as fast as possible, reap all the daytime benefits.
9- workout with other locals if possible + have them show you local parks, hikes, beaches ♥️
10- enjoy every moment of travel, if we only live once, work, play, go wherever your big heart takes you.. fall in love more + give less of a sht about what everyone else is doing… dude, do you xxx

PPS: it’s true 🙈I have packed a small blender while traveling … more than once 😂more inspo on my newsletterat the matcha shoppe!

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