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the art of not conforming



By: Candice Kumai

⚡the art of not conforming:

My whole career, as an artist I went w my heart, even if it got smashed, which it did many, times.

As a female in the food industry, the pain/discrimination was part of my path.

This year, with new endeavors + content w @SXSW, @Forbes, @Girlboss, @ariannahuff, @iamwellandgood Council + the new book @harpercollinsus Oprah Magazine, Today Show + Dr. Oz : I’m committed to sharing my story, in hopes you can see, a girl who started from the bottom, waiting tables in college, fit modeling to pay bills, paying for culinary school on my own, this girl does it all⚡🦄😌😇🙏🏼 :

Here’s what we will learn in episode #5:

Here are my Best Tips on “Making Shit Happen”:

1- Execution trumps all talk.If you want to be a killer, you need to produce. Anyone can talk or troll, but it takes a true artist to pick up the brush, the mic, the camera, the knife, the pen + get going. DO SOMETHING, just start.

2- Ignore the haters.If I listened to all the mean shit people laid on me for years, I’d never equate to anything. You have to ignore+remember that’s about them, not you. Pray for them. 🙏🏼

3- Integrity+Grit:those two things set me apart from the rest. I always did my best & never cut slack. I’m as hard on myself as I am my team. I expect excellence, that’s what the reader deserves. Recipes that work, images that captivate, content that matters! Writing that changes the world, and evokes emotion, connection + action. That’s what grit+integrity do. I write ALL of my own work, recipes, my site, my newsletters, I produce/direct each of my books & shoot my own content/videos⚡the art is in the artist.

4- Skills:I learned them. I went to culinary school at 22 — I was  young+thirsty. I worked in restaurants +production for years, I educated myself on Japan, nutrition+wellness. I didn’t come from money, I had to teach myself skills. Much like Japan, a country w no natural resources; they were out of luck- until they realized SKILL was what they could offer the world. Guess what? At the size of California, they are still a world power today. Get some skills, use them, humbly+gracefully.

5- Humility + Grace:This is what my character is made out of. Mom + Dad taught me to love, to be kind, to be respectful. Although I hate rules, I respect everyone, even when they were shitty to me.

Grace Always Matters. You will in this life, get what you give.

Be honest, be real, and you don’t have to conform for anyone 🦄

PS! My new book, Kintsugi Wellness has 12 chapters on how to heal, mend, grow + become a better person + 50+ inspiring wellness recipes. Go get that shit! xx ck

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