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be of service


By: Candice Kumai

I had a long think about what I wanted to share today. I asked myself & my big sis, “What can we do to help?” Too many of us just write on FB or twitter +never take action. Follow your local congress, work with a local organization that can change public policy. Speak out when you see racism, stand up. Work with our children & teens. Don’t just do it on social, go out and do the work in real life.

It’s such bullshit to be in the wellness industry and to not speak out. Unfollow the fake self serving ones, the ones that use others for self promotion –for they are not for the people.
I proudly served for the Obama Administration & White House Initiative for Asian American Pacific Islanders a few years ago. I loved it, I worked with the local children & teens in Hawaii, the local farmers in the dirt! and the local Hawaiian congressmen! We empowered our Asian American Pacific Islander communities.

I was recently asked to join the President’s Council for Fitness, Nutrition & Sport, under the current administration, this morning, I politely passed.
My calling is not to give my service or my heart to someone turning a blind eye to the American people & cutting the cost of education.
My calling is to educate, to share and to grow with you, to be of service to you.

You can join a local women’s group, look to my friends at @girlboss @levoleague@womenforone @unicefusa@womensmarch on how we can educate more.
There is a power in a polite pass, if you don’t believe in something, stand up and say no. Please don’t sit and ruminate tho, now is the time, even if it’s as simple as supporting your local congress you believe in. But please, don’t be a fool and just write all over FB. Do something IRL.

Go out there and work with your heart & hands.
I’m committing to speaking at numerous women’s & non profit organizations by the end of the year & into my book launch march 2018. Go, fly and be of service to others. Respect.

xx ❤️ck
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