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Be Original, Be You.


By: Candice Kumai

B E O R I G I N A L, B E Y O U

The most exciting thing about you, is how original you are.

At 23 I was on Top Chef (yes, Super OG, season 1). I didn’t quite know where I was going. But I always followed my heart, I sometimes listened to my head, but mostly, I was always myself.

After writing F I V E glorious books, hosting many shows, writing for all the top publications, running my own small business for 10 years in NY, I learned that if you want to build a brand, if you want to shine, you stay original.

S T O P comparing yourself to others and jus do you.

I’ve produced and directed, styled every one of my book shoots with my awesome team! I’ve written every recipe and tested each 3+x, just for you.

I’ve gone completely broke producing each book, but it was well worth it.

I’ve kept my brand + my website very close to my heart. Don’t ever compromise to save or make a buck.

When you are broke, you have to get really creative. Every detail from the floral to the props, the surfaces and the lenses, the lighting, matter. Location, timing, precision, intricate detail, matter.

I’ve kept my persona close to who I am as a person, and I’d never change or compromise my integrity for $$. I’ve said N O to brands I don’t believe in, I’ve said N O to work that doesn’t match my heart and aesthetic brand.

I’d never sellout, even when I couldn’t afford rent, I said N O. That wasn’t easy, but if I wasn’t genuinely invested in the product, if I couldn’t highly-recommend it to friends, I said N O.

I’m proud I said N O.

If you want to make it in this industry? Be you, shine your heart, be original. Create content that matters + make people feel-good! What’s so exciting!? Y O U have the opportunity to be, to do and to share whatever you are passionate about, right now, in this very moment! Now, get to creating!

Copycats are nice, but honey, everyone loves an original girl. ✨

xox candice

image by the fabulous, Alison Dulaney

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