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Real Beauty We Love!

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This week I had the honor to work with the talented, inspiring and strong duo: Deepak Chopra and Kimberly Snyder. We helped to host their incredible launch of their new book, Radical Beauty! 

I whole-heartedly agree with their inspiring message: beauty is not in a bottle, a tube a shade or about your hairstyle... real beauty is felt from within. I always say in my book, Clean Green Eats, "beauty is an inside job".

By: Candice Kumai

Of course, I still love to get dolled up with some fun lipgloss and lashes! But truly, beauty is a feeling, as Deepak says, and it’s something we all need to cultivate and grow from the inside-out! Below are my favorite (au naturel!) ways to feel beautiful within, plus a few fave products I use to glam up! You’re gorgeous mostly, when you smile. xx ck

Lemon Water: 

The best make-at-home beauty regimen ever! I drink at least four cups of lemon water a day (plus green tea and matcha alongside!), as lemons boost your immune system and help flush out toxins. It’s a great way to help keep your skin blemish free!

Green Tea + Matcha:

No need for slathering beauty products all over. Beauty is an inside job, don’t forget it! Green tea and matcha powder are powerful ingredients my (beautiful) Japanese ancestors have used for hundreds of years for an antioxidant boost. Green tea is amazing because of its energizing benefits, but what many don’t realize is that it also contains theanine, which enhances relaxation! So zen. Matcha powder is the most versatile way to infuse detoxifying and skin-clearing benefits into your cooking, baking and blending! PS Matcha Love is my fave brand x 

Body Brush: 

Get yourself a dry brush and polish up that skin! Using a dry brush is known to help decrease cellulite, exfoliate the skin and increase circulation – and then finish off your skin with a generous rub of another, and MOST used beauty secret….

Coconut Oil: 

I could go on and on and on about the benefits and wonders of this inexpensive and easy beauty product! It’s not just for the kitchen! Use it as your new favorite lotion, add it to the tips of your hair to keep the split ends away…plus, it smells AMAZING! + It can also be used in the bedroom;) Yas, and let me just say, it can cause hours of good, clean, fun.

Indie Lee Squalane: 

This squalene oil is 100% pure and derived from olives. Ooh la la. A little goes a long way with this facial oil and I’ve seen my skin’s texture and tone improve magnificently since using it. The product promises to diminish any age spots and hyper pigmentation without being greasy or pore-clogging.  I’ve seen a serious improvement with just a few drops of this all natural stuff! + Indie’s line of beauty products are just divine! 


Because its full of monounsaturated, good-for you fat, avocados do wonders for your skin! Plus, their fiber and potassium keep you hydrated and feeling full. I eat an avo a day to keep my beauty on-point and my bod feeling nourished. PS who said avocados can’t be for dessert?  

My Berry Beauty Smoothie!

This beauty blend is the perfect recipe for instant wrinkle-fighting powers! This quick-to-whip berry smoothie is full of nutrients (spirulina, baby) and probiotics that will make you glow and cleanse out any lingering toxins!

Naturopathica Revitalizing Lotion:

This formula features Kudzu Extract, a plant used in traditional Asian medicine that is rich in proteins and helps stop the breakdown of skin collagen.

Make those beautiful peepers pop with a few swipes of this on your lashes, and you don’t have to worry about smearing…or getting a little emotional with your girlfriends over dinner! =)

Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss: 

It’s an amazing flash of color in any shade (I love the fuchsia!) and stays on all day to take you from work to dinner, all while looking completely fab. And girl, men love women who’ve got a little color on those gorgeous lips!

No More Sugar!

This has been the most effective beauty routine for myself. I used to have the worst skin, acne and couldn’t handle the agony of bad skin anymore, (esp because my job is in front of a lens all day)! Once I cut out all processed foods and sugary drinks//sugar laden products, everything just cleared up! Couldn’t believe it, but it’s true! More on my acne story, over the next few months…

*Regardless of “beauty products”, when you feel beauty within – you’ll visibly radiate it out.

Oh, and to quote Deepak this week: “Don’t sacrifice yourself for your selfie!” Lol! Love him, love you! xck

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