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To Your Best Year, Ever

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BUT SERIOUSLY... the last two years couldn't have been more tough. I came very close to leaving NYC.

It took everything in my mind, heart and gut to keep it resilient & to learn & grow, to become a better person bc of the shit I went through. It took time.

By: Candice Kumai

Smile, friends, there’s a lot of goodness coming this year. I actually feel + believe in my heart💘, deeply, that 2017, is going to be THE year. I believe it whole heartedly.

New book.
New site.
New videos.
New projects.
New dreams.
New men 😉
New magic.
New year.
New CK & it feels so so good.

May your year be filled with all kinds of magic✨✨✨

And to the best team ever: Consta, Christina, Soph, Amanda, Tyler, Robert, Juli, Candice Staley, Eric, Raul, Carlos, Danielle, Flynn, Raquel, and everyone we had the opportunity to work with in 2016, I love you, tremendously, you are my NYC family. You make everyday fucking fabulous. & to all my best girls, thank you, you held my heart, together 💖 I just can’t get enough. ✨✨💖 HAPPY 2017! ✨✨ 💖xx ck

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