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Build a Better Burger!


By: Candice Kumai

Don’t be such a wuss and be so afraid of THE BURGER. You know, you can get as much satisfaction out of indulging into a big-fat-burger as you can after a long hit at the gym? (I totally made that up, but I find that first hit of a burger to be a heavenly rush of endorphins.) We always want more right? Well, how about more nutrients? More lean protein, more veggies, more omegas, more vitamins? More good. Build a better burger.

More Protein: Stack a hit of lean 90/10 Ground Sirloin in there. Season with simple salt and pepper. Add a touch of garlic powder if you love that hint of garlic. If you grill to perfection and top off that bad-boy with the right condiments, you won’t need that 80/20 fatty beef. Sure it seems great, but that’s also what’s adding to those thighs!

More Vitamins: Load up on fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh bibb lettuce, onions, avocados and finer ingredients like roasted red bell peppers, grilled pineapple, cucumbers, cilantro, olive tapenade, hummus. You name it. If its a FWB (food with benefit) it will help you build a better burger. For a full list of FWB’s, click here.

More Omegas: Stay smart while devouring that burger. Shoot for a different burger busted with omega-packed sardines, tofu, or salmon. Why not throw a few ground chia seeds or flax seeds into the patties? Be smart and build it better.

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