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How to Get a Juicy Booty, Naturally

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By: Candice Kumai

How to Get a Juicy Booty, Naturally

With summer just weeks away, I want to share with you my tried  + true ways I stay fit and work for that juicy booty. Yas queen, and its a lot easier than you think!

Lift your seat, tucks + barre exercises work to lift your booty muscles. Trust it works, #kaizen. Mine got even better with time! Try my fave studios, The Bar Method, Barre3 + Physique 57 + Exhale!

Plant based diets keep you slim, lean and strong! Yes, including your bunz. Greens & berries help to produce + boost collagen, naturally, which leaves skin smooth & glowing.


Body brush pre-shower, to keep your circulation flowing. It’s so simple¬†+ anyone can do this. Coconut oil and lube up post shower. Get more massages to increase circulation, or just have a hot babe massage your bunz.

Keeps your skin hydrated + firm, yes 8-10 cups a day.

Post workout, and pre, butt stretching is key! At the end of each barre workout, follow the stretching with precision. Breathe deeply, and focus on getting into an even deeper stretch routine.

How to Get a Juicy Booty, Naturally> now you know?? Love this? check out these nice legs to pair! xx ck

Photo by Kevin Kim.
How to Get a Juicy Booty, Naturally

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