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canon and my love of the art


By: Candice Kumai

shooting my recipes + wildflowers Labor Day Weekend with the new mirrorless #EOSRP from @CanonUSA.
When I was a struggling writer/author in Brooklyn my Dad (who was very quiet and reserved) bought me a Canon EOS Rebel DSLR 7 years ago for Christmas. It was super out of character for him because my parents really threw my sister and I “out to the wolves” when we graduated from college…in a way that said.. “We believe in you and Jenni.” ⚡️+ but trust me, there was no mercy.

I then learned to I use my canon + evolved to my new #EOSRP every single week…I shoot all my books + for top mags + now for network shows its an organic part of my story. 📷it’s lightweight without sacrificing image quality– perfect for when I have a shoot in NYC or escape to the beach for the weekend. Grateful to work alongside a brand that has helped me tell my story from the beginning. #TeamCanon.
Happy Labor Day weekend, friends! — Do more of what you love, and do it well xx ck

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