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Cheers! To 5 Reasons for Gratitude + Happiness.

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By: Candice Kumai

Here’s a novel thought… we choose to be happy… Know that? So why are you still lazy, sick, selfish and unhappy? The US alone ranks well over 100 on the scale of global happiness. Choosing to be happy can lead to serenity, bliss and joy, aiding in a chemical-free treatment of depression and so many other free and easy benefits. Start making your own change and reap all of the benefits of being happy!

Shall we reflect on all of the wonderful things to toast to?:

1- Your Health!: A priceless gem that most of us take for granted, until something unfortunately arises. But how “healthy” are you?? Take this simple, yet witty quiz. You have one precious mind, body and soul. Treat it, respect it, feed it right, don’t compromise!

2- Your Loving Friends and Family: Be grateful, thankful and happy they are in your life. Even if things are not always perfect (admittedly, they definitely aren’t in my world) you must learn that family is much like a bunch of apples… sweet and tart at the same time, possibly with a few bruises, but nothing that you can’t turn into a sweet apple pie. So be grateful. Mom loves you. Read between the nagging, that’s love.

3- The Job that you Possess: Or don’t. Be grateful that you have a job in your hands… with the unemployment rate still at approx 8.6% that means that the other 91.4% of you should be grateful. And if you hate your job? QUIT! There’s nobody holding you back but you.

4-Somebody does LOVE you: Having love in your life is nothing short of amazing. (Take that from a girl who’s been single for almost 4 years.)  I love nothing more than the feeling of a big hug, a smooch or a cuddle. Spooning anyone? The feeling from human touch is priceless. Isn’t that why we love massages/reiki? Shoot, I mean I do.. So give away some free hugs. Go tell someone you love them ______THIS_______ much. Get old skool and draft a card, a letter or call! Texting, BBM, Email, Facebook, DM, etc etc is all great, but social media ain’t got nuthin’ on a good BIG, warm hug. Don’t lose your clutch and be so digital. Who wants to date their BlackBerry? Not me.

5- The Good Life: I always say that life is full of great taste. And in this country? That’s nothing short of the truth. I have been to some of the poorest nations on this globe and they were so incredibly happy, with absolutely NOTHING. Imagine that? Kids in Indonesia played with sticks and old tires… plastic bottles and wore the same dirty clothes daily. And yet they were SO happy. So while we throw away tons and tons of food daily, pout about mayonnaise on our sandwich and how I wanted the French vanilla creamer in my coffee, not half and half… here’s a thought.. Stop it. Change your thought process into something positive and full of love. Living the good life also means having a deep soul. It means enriching your life and others through happiness, comfort and joy.

Be well friends… nothing but love and smiles in 2012! xx ❤ck

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