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Choose a Better Egg...



By: Candice Kumai

You might feel as though all eggs are created equal? However, I am here to break that nasty myth.

You see, not all eggs are created equal. Eggs are an essential part of our lives. I’ve been cooking with them since I was four and my Grandfather (on my Japanese side) consumed one raw egg- tamago over rice, with shoyu + bonito flakes- until he passed in his 90s! Lord rest his egg-loving soul. Eggs are a definite premium source of protein, Omega 3’s, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin B 12 and B5. And they are so incredibly versatile for brekkie, brunch, lunch, dinner and baked into desserts. It’s hard to imagine a day without them.

I personally will only test my recipes, bake and cook with premium eggs, aka Eggland’s Best. Consistency, value, quality. That’s what matters to a chef. Now you may have heard or seen these eggs, but if you haven’t tried them? Here’s what makes them the incredible edible, fabulous egg.

Here’s why I love my Eggland’s Best Eggs

– Available nationally, but are locally produced to guarantee freshness

– Delivered within 24-48 hours to grocery stores from when the egg is laid

– Provide consistency in performance and taste

– 25% Less Saturated Fat than regular eggs?! Who you kiddin’??

– Yolks are creamier, brighter in color; their freshness helps ensure they perform consistently in recipes

-Nutritionally superior to generic eggs!

– Eggland’s Best only feeds their hens an all-natural, vegetarian feed, so they are lower in saturated fat and have double the vitamin D and omega-3s as ordinary eggs.remember this… you are what you eat.

Remember this… you are what you eat.

So next time you are browsing in the egg section of your grocer.. make the better choice. Go premium. Eggland’s Best eggs are one of the most economical, high quality, and perfect foods. So go Eggland’s Best or go home! xx ck

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