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What is Clean Eating?


By: Candice Kumai

As I have been working on my 5th labor of love, “Clean Green Eats” which drops 6/23, my heart told me to start writing to you all here again.

What is #CleanEating many of you ask? Well, its a brilliant way to get REAL FOOD back into your life. Many of you are eating processed, packaged and chemical/preservative laden junk food, and it’s finally time to be the change. Eat real, clean and unprocessed foods!

Start reducing how much sugar you consume, start moderating your consumption of alcohol, and begin reducing the number of carbs you inhale during the week.

Start drinking more water! Buy greens and start making fresh salads, soups, flatbreads, pastas, and old family recipes. Get creative with real food! Start drinking delicious green juices and smoothies on the go! Cook more at home for your families and loved ones! Share your cooking experiences with one another. Have a brilliant cup of green tea during the week.

Take chances with your career, don’t take chances with your food and health.

Invest in your health, invest in your happiness.

Meditation is free, so is yoga.

Get smart about what you are cooking. Go for organic and local when you can. Reach for a cookbook and the supermarket. Not a diet program and the drugstore. You CAN reclaim your health and happiness all through eating cleaner again, I promise. Start today and get clean… Here’s a 1-week Clean Green Cleanse I created that can help you to get on your way!

Stay happy, beautiful, glowing and motivated. If you feel like garbage, maybe its because you’re eating and drinking too much of it!

Food for thought! Love yourself and honor your body.

Peace out. xx Candice

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