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Clean Green Infused Water!


By: Candice Kumai

I¬†originally posted our infused water story last March, 2015… (always ahead of those trends!) Back by popular request, here you are my lovely friends! Infused waters are simple to make, delicious and absolutely fabulous for spring and summer! Try them out and share with a loved one that isn’t such a huge water fan. Water is vital to a beautiful and clean-green life!

Directions: Place your choice of the following combos into sanitized mason jars, seal, and place into the fridge or in the sun for 2- 4 hours. Works great overnight as well! Watch nature infuse your water with low sugar and deliciously fresh flavors. Refill your mason jar with purified water  up to 2x after consuming & enjoy! xxx Candice


Infused Water Combinations:

Rosemary Blackberry Berry Infused Water

Cucumber Basil

Cucumber Basil Watermelon Infused Water

Cucumber Mint Infused Water

Pineapple Basil infused Water

Pineapple Mint Coconut

Coconut Strawberry Basil

Coconut Lime




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