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The Quick Guide to Clean Eating


By: Candice Kumai

Many of you ask, what exactly is “clean eating”?

Hi gorgeous friends! Allow me to share with you the quick guide to clean-green eating. For decades we’ve seen public figures “diet” and get ripped or lean and svelte overnight. The secret? It’s actually not deprivation or dieting. It’s always been about clean eating. Food should never be associated with pain, or deprivation.  Food should be associated with nourishment and pleasure:). It’s time to enjoy your food more, re-set your palette, and nourish that gorgeous body and mind with clean and delicious fresh foods. What’s the key to living a glowing, clean life? Eating cleaner, consuming only real foods, juicing, finding balance, moving your body, not consuming any processed foods, cutting out the processed sugar/alcohol and getting adequate rest. Quite simple.

I take after my Japanese ancestors with this mindset. Less is more. Simplicity is key. If you eat less, if you eat clean, you will enjoy your food more. xx ck

The Definition of Clean Eating:

Clean Eating:
A lifestyle that involves consuming real food in or as close to its most natural state as possible. Eating to nourish and cleanse the body and mind. Educating yourself on where your food comes from. Purchasing or growing foods that are nutritious, unprocessed, and sustainable. Being more mindful of your overall health and the environment in which you live. Clean Eating is a choice and a way of life. Eating clean is not associated with dieting.
If you love clean eating and want to learn more, please check out my new and gorgeous guide to Clean Eating: Clean Green Eats: Available now!

Here are a few basic ways on how to cleanse your body and mind : Let’s simplify things here, shall we? 

1- Eating Cleaner: Eat only real, unprocessed and fresh foods. Eat smaller meals and consume less. Enjoy your food more. No processed, packaged, fake sugar, or low-fat diet foods. No weight-loss plans. No dieting. No calorie counting! This is all about just eating LESS processed junk and more real, clean food. Please see below for a list of recommended foods.

These are all simple, inexpensive and delicious foods one can enjoy every day to cleanse thy body and rid themselves of all the junk they have been consuming. Simply, eat cleaner and greener, and watch the excess bloat and weight melt off, effortlessly.

2- Cut Down on the SUGAR: Americans eat almost 150 lbs of sugar (each!) per year. That’s CRAZY. Excess sugar leads to weight gain, inflammation, a low immunity, type two-diabetes and other diseases, let’s try to break this cycle with clean eating, shall we? Try to make an effort to eat less sugar daily, read labels if you are purchasing juices and smoothies and keep low on the sweets and treats! Try no sugar for 10 days/up to 30 days and look and FEEL your very best!

3- Work out: Yes, you’ve heard it time and time again. You are not going to achieve that svelte, lean and fit figure without a daily workout. Try something new, perhaps its a class, a yoga session, a private workout at the gym, The Bar Method, a running group, a swim class, a stroller stride, a cross fit session with the boys. Go find a friend or a loved one to work out with! Go have more monogamous, hot sex! Whatever gets you moving, DO IT.

Juices I recommend: Here are a few from my popular book, Clean Green Drinks stay tuned for the goodness, coming in a few months:

The Spicy-Ginger Pineapple Green Juice: Baby Spinach, Cucumber, Pineapple

Serves 1-2

Such a beautiful marriage. You know when two things come together, and it’s just magic? That’s Ginger + Pineapple. Enjoy this delicious and satisfying cleansing juice.

3/4 cup fresh pineapple

3 cups baby spinach

1 tablespoon fresh ginger root

1 medium cucumber


1- In a high-powered juicer, carefully add the pineapple, baby spinach, ginger and cucumber.


Le Peach Kale Juice: Kale, Baby Spinach, Peach, Cucumber

Serves 1

Juicy, fresh peach, spinach and cucumber all lead to one gorgeous, green, lean and clean juice. Just do it. Le Peach Kale.

1 cup kale

4 cups baby spinach

3 /4  fresh peach

1 /2 medium cucumber


1- In a high-powered juicer, carefully add the kale, baby spinach, fresh peach and cucumber.


Recommended Food List for Clean Eating:

Feel free to load up on foods like: 

Squash: Kabocha squash is to die for, acorn, spaghetti squash, butternut are also delicious. Perfect roasted with a touch of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Root Vegetables: Sweet potatoes, yams, red potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, some of my favorites, simply roast in the oven with some olive oil, garlic, thyme and sea salt. Delicious!

Avocado: Full of good fat, fiber, potassium, B and C vitamins. Fabulous for beautiful skin, hair and nails. I eat an avocado daily.

Fresh Greens: Kale, arugula, baby spinach, romaine, mizuna, collard greens, Swill chard, dandelion, watercress etc work perfectly in salads, grain salads, soups and in juices/smoothies.

Quinoa: Amino acids, a complete protein and delicious grain-like seed, are perfect to replace ordinary pasta or cous cous.

Fresh Eggs: Full of high-quality protein, I love my eggs on gluten-free toast or in my breakfast burritos. Baked eggs are kinda the hot thing now. At about $2-3 bucks a dozen, no clean eating is not more expensive.

Fresh Fruit:  Keep it low in sugar, but a little fruit is allowed daily. Check out what’s in season by you. Apples, pears, B=bananas, pineapple, fresh berries, mango, apple-pears, peaches etc. Check your local farmer’s market for what’s in season. OR get a CSA box at LocalHarvest.org, that’s a Community Supported Agriculture box, fresh from the farmer, straight to you!

Homemade Soups: Lower in sodium and full of nutrients, I’ve got you covered on soups, just stay right here: Soup for the Soul 

Lemon Water: Anytime, anywhere, its the good shit. Just carry a re-usable water bottle with you squeeze some lemon in and if its organic lemon, squeeze it in and drop in the peel!

Green Tea: Green tea, packed with antioxidants and possible metabolism-boosting bennies, this is the good, Japanese-stuff that keeps Mom looking vibrant, hydrated and gorgeous!

Enjoy your food more. It’s okay to consume less. Slim up this season, now is the time to keep it motivated and keep it delicious. Need more clean eating recipes? Check out my new and delicious guidebook to clean eating: Clean Green Eats.

My love & best, xxx Candice

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