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TODAY Show: Coconut Oil, Glow Naturally!


Oh the joys and goodness of coconut oil! What CAN'T it do?

Well the list of what it CAN do is very long, but here are my personal faves for my favorite jar of wonder!

By: Candice Kumai

Make sure to check out my discussion with Today.com on 10 Things We Didn’t Know About Coconut Oil: Separating Myths From Miracles! 

I talk with the author of the piece about fact and fiction regarding coconut oil, but my favorite ways to use nature’s miracle oil are below. Plus! A fun video with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today talking even MORE amazing foods! SUCH fun ladies, and what an amazing day that was!


Coconut oil adds a little sweetness and is full of monounsaturated good for-you-fat! It’s my favorite to cook Thai, Asian-or Indian inspired meals at a high heat. Full of MCFA’s (medium chain fatty acids) your body can metabolize fast, coconut oil may also speed up your metabolism!


I also use it as a natural moisturizer in my hair (just a little bit goes a long way) as well! I use coconut oil on my legs before a shoot or as a natural “highlighter” for shoots involving workouts, and I love using a bit on my bum, feet and hands before bedtime! It’s a natural way to stay gorgeous!!

Between the Sheets! 

Don’t blush! Coconut oil is nature’s way of helping you have an extra special time with your special someone in bed! Just keep a jar close by, and enjoy 😉


Back to the kitchen! Sub coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oils and you’ll have a sweet-smelling, amazingly rich mix wafting through your kitchen. Try my Homemade Coconut Funfetti Cake and see the difference in using this incredible oil in your baking!

DIY Bath Scrubs! 

You can find the recipe for one of my favorites here, but you can mix up your own using granulated sugar and your favorite scents and herbs all on your own! Create your own spa day and get your girls together for a fun, crafty DIY night!

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