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Confidence is Your New Beauty Cream


By: Candice Kumai

The single most beautiful thing a woman can be is confident. It’s not found in a beauty cream, nor material things, it’s not your hair colour, or what you’re wearing. In my new book, I’ll begin to open up to you about my past struggles on self-image. My Mom always told me, “Candice, just have confidence, and you’ll have it all.” I didn’t believe it until now. But confidence is like a muscle, you’ve got to use it, exercise it and practice. If there was one thing I could wish for all of us women, it would be for us all to feel more beautiful with age.

I’ve only got better with time. I’ve focused inward on my heart, mind and soul, much more than the exterior. And with that, beauty will radiate from the inside-out. Have confidence in you, and you’ll radiate, you’ll attract, you’ll shine. Everyone will want to be around you. x ck

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