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Cook Yourself Sexy: Sexy Isn't in Your Closet. Sexy is in Your Kitchen.


By: Candice Kumai

“Candice Kumai’s enthusiasm for food is infectious!  Her personal take on eating well is not only refreshing, but also really delicious. Cook Yourself Sexy is a modern woman’s guide to looking and feeling your absolute best, packed with fabulous recipes, easy tips and valuable resources for building confidence in, and out of, the kitchen.” – Gail Simmons, Top Chef Judge & author of Talking with my Mouth Full: My Life as a Professional Eater

“Candice has brought sexy back to the dinner table with her newest collection of decadent-tasting, bikini-friendly recipes. Get ready for some serious stares when you rock your skinny jeans.” –Frances Largeman-Roth, R.D. NY Times Bestselling Author, Carblovers Diet & Feed The Belly

“Beneath the energetic, fun, glamorous and sexy persona of Candice Kumai lays the heart and soul of a very serious chef indeed, and all of her considerable skills are on display in her new book “Cook Yourself Sexy”, which contains over 120 enticing recipes to guide you to a healthier lifestyle.” –Simon Majumdar, author of Eat My Globe and Judge on Iron Chef, Next Iron Chef

We all know looking great and eating great will thus make you feel great. So why do you still choose to eat all of those processed junk foods, fillers, chemical-processed foods etc? Eating bad foods, well, it’s like dating a bad guy. You know its bad for you, yet you continue to feed the cycle thus expecting change someday? And the definition of insanity is: Repeating the same practices over and over with the expectation of change. However, if you aren’t making any changes, you absolutely will go insane here.

Eat better foods. Look better. Feel better. Done. It’s that easy.

Cook Yourself Sexy is a cookbook that is about letting go. It’s simply a book about having it ALL. Because you CAN. If food has by chance been your enemy for the past 10, 20? Maybe even 30 years? That’s long enough for anyone to go insane. Let’s now, make amends with it. Let’s get back to enjoying our foods again. Let’s go back to eating REAL foods again. Foods with Benefits!

With over 120 luscious, divine and decadent, (sometimes naughty) recipes, Cook Yourself Sexy is truly the modern woman’s guide to living a happy, healthy, confident and sexy life.

Stop faking it, and start making it!

With love, good taste, happiness, and a fabulous life xx Candice

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