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daily dose of change & *actually* doing it

Inspiration > Happiness

By: Candice Kumai

sharing a few of my favorite daily practices I’ve been dreaming about and + taking action xx

1- I’ve been journaling my goals, as my values have shifted, I’ve been writing down more personal goals, like — put your toes between the sand, crack up with your besties + see the stars at night ..forest bathe.. work-life is brilliant but personal life is infinitely +immeasurably more beautiful.
2- I’ve been taking my vitamins daily, working out for 1 hour + 30 each day + cooking for myself with greens and berries, daily…I love keeping my bod as hot as my brain.
3- In between writing books 📚 I’ve been learning to value the many hard and endearing lessons in my life thus far….without pain there is no progress.
4- I’ve been counting more blessings everyday+ reminding myself to go out, to surf during the day + see all the stars at night.

5- lastly, I was recently reminded by a mentor that nobody ever says to themselves, “gosh I wish I would have worked even more hours” later in life, so… now is the time to go out, to play + to learn, grow, love.. and mostly to laugh… making your life more personally, infinitely immeasurably beautiful
xx 💋 ck .

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