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dear alyssa + molly


By: Candice Kumai

Dear Alyssa + Molly,
Every few months, I’ll make time to write a love letter to my very best friends and women who have inspired me along my journey..
this summer, I felt in my heart it was time to write to Molly + Alyssa..
Everyone in NYC that knows me, knows them… Molly was the first new friend I made in the city, almost a decade ago in NYC…
It was at a horribly terrible cocktail party uptown.. she came right up to me, and I was so drawn to her energy and smile .. she was a stunner…
We met for tea a few days later.. I never knew.. we would have this amazing ride-or-die friendship for 8 years and counting… we did it all together.. book parties at parlor, rooftops at the jimmy, late nights in BK, LES parties at B+Essex, Molly even saved Jenelle and I through hurricane sandy + I slept on her kitchen floor until we could head back to our flooded downtown apartments.. we would lay in the grass in Central Park under the sun one day as she told me about a new guy she met at a party .. super casual.. whom later became her amazing hubby, Anthony… the most beautiful wedding, the new apartment, their amazing new careers … she stood by me at every book launch I had in NYC, every magazine party we threw, every birthday party, she was also there for me through every painful breakup + every job loss and every hardship … the friends I admire are the ones who are there for you, in the worst of times…
When Molly spoke at my going away party .. I was never sure if I’d ever have my NYC girls again .. come to find.. we’re just bi-coastal together, now… Molly, I love you, you’re my heart and my spirit.. you make me laugh + cry and I’ll never forget our Sheep’s Meadow day, when your soul mate came to find you! Love you Kazzam, Kaboom, PS the quince paste lol
Alyssa, was my first publicist ever in NYC… she and I toured the country together: through Miami, Dallas, Napa//Wine country, NYC, Cali and beyond…
She told me almost a decade ago that she knew my career was going to be something special…
She was so damn good at her job.. she set this gold standard for all publicists.
She was the absolute best with her work. Alyssa also always showed up.. she is one of those friends who comes to find you precisely when you need them… During a time of loss I’ll never forget how she came to meet me downtown, leaving work to be sure to physically hold my hand as my relationship at the time, dissolved into space.. I did the same for her..
We eventually forgot about our work relationship + naturally became friends. Its was natural for Molly + Alyssa to become close … when they met + started working together it made my heart so beyond happy. When Alyssa, Molly + Jenelle all spoke at my going away party… all I wanted to do was cherish this one moment… my mind could only think about packing boxes and movers.. looking back… its those little moments .. its in the cake, the Champagne, the never ending bottles in NY, the flowing Belvedere, its our NY hustle, our tears, our joys our sorrows.. they made us who we are.. NYC best friends..
If I ever have one piece of advice for any young girl, its to live in NYC for at least 5 years of your life + do it selflessly … move to create a career from passion and not for profit.. focus on the people, focus on your relationships, because you may just stumble across lifelong friends like Molly + Alyss .. decades later + still shutdown every and any place you want, any night. I love you both to the moon, and I hope you both know how much your heart means to me xx ck

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