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dear amy

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By: Candice Kumai

Jan 22, 2017

dear amy,

For all of the times that I didn’t want to go to barre class, but I knew you’d be there to keep me poised, strong and focused…

For sincerely listening to me during the deepest times of my heartache, for listening to all of my struggles, my pain, for helping to seal the cracks…

For telling me to never go back to him, even though I thought it would make the pain go away. I didn’t listen. It certainly didn’t. .. and you were always right, he was not my person…

For supporting my work, my books, my cute recipe cards at the studio front desk, for always believing in me..

For never letting us down, for keeping us strong, strong on the inside first, for empowering thousands of women every week…


We’re always watching your continuous improvement and your work with kaizen.

In 2010 amy said …“I don’t think bar fitness exists in New York City the way we can do it — That’s very exciting.”

And Amy, btw….you’ve been doing it and doing it well. Mark that progress. We notice and recognize your tremendous efforts, daily. Your hard work never goes unseen.

With gratitude,

Candice + all the girls who come to see you each week at bar, we love you xxx

Amy Duffey

is an incredible woman, mentor and friend to me here in NYC. She’s also my neighbor here on Wall Street! She is the owner of The Bar Method Soho. She was the first employee at The Bar Method under Burr Leonard in San Francisco, CA + the first interviewed to be an instructor at The Bar Method in 2001. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in women’s studies. Immediately following graduation, she started her Master’s program with a M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology  where she received her Master’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. Please come visit Amy at her studio and take a Bar Method class here! x ck

dear XXX will remain a series here on ck.com: Celebrating + recognizing my most cherished mentors, friends and colleagues, the ones who kept me uplifted and going not in my times of success, but rather in my darkest times of struggle. Amy was easily my first pick for this debut…she embodies what women in NYC, and everywhere should be: Kind, hard-working, caring, nurturing, smart, fit, beautiful, witty and full of life.

images: courtesy of amy duffey

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