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dear girls.. there's time + there's space

Inspiration > Girl Boss

By: Candice Kumai

dear girls,

I know I have been quiet lately, & all of you have been asking about the podcast.
It’s coming back, I just need time to feel like myself again… yesterday I missed a flight & was delayed 5 hours, landing in NY at 2 am.

I missed check-in by 4 minutes, tears welled into my eyes … I quietly walked over to the airport overpass with four bags and I just cried.

I put my ray bans on and just let it all out… thank God for sunnies.

This job is hard girls, it’s not what you think. I will never tell you this is all easy or fabulous. This job is just me… that’s it.

No investors, no husband, no partners, no regular income, I run two corporations with many employees to pay on my own… sometimes that feels like drowning.

My heart clenched as to who to call .. I called two of my best friends, Cecelia + Dana, they held me back together, that’s what friends do.

While I’ve been cutting tape for a NHK Japan documentary, writing a new book proposal, writing menus, prepping, cooking a dinner for 40 on a boat in montauk this weekend, writing stories, content & prepping for projects with Vogue, NBC and Condé .. I want to be sure to give you my best… so behind these pretty, hazel, hapa eyes.. there’s a girl who’s constantly working & doesn’t want to half-azz anything.

I don’t care if people post everyday all day, that’s not my style.

I stand by my long-term tangible projects: books, shows, documentaries, magazines. My clients like @belvederevodka respect my work + allow for artists to have time & space to create lasting art. Rushing is my least favorite thing.

A masterpiece cannot be built over obsessive, posting daily … It’s behind closed doors, with grace & time.. it is in reflection.. I still believe in lasting art.

The best part about getting older, is you really don’t care what others think anymore.

when you’re destined for greatness it becomes your one sure thing.. my one constant is my art & my heart guides me.
it’s my family’s last legacy.
I’ll see you all in Montauk + NYC this week.

keep crushing but also allow time & space xx 💋 ck

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