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Do all the Things That You Love

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By: Candice Kumai

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Celebrate today with all of your heart. Love more than you have ever loved before! And if you’re single? That’s okay, too! There are so many people (and pets!) to love and so many more to come! If you are out there looking for love, just stop for a minute and spend a little time looking inside yourself. The perfect person will find you when you are out there doing all the things that you love. Live out all of your dreams in this one lifetime and lead your life with faith, not with fear.

Many, many of my friends from CA to NY call, write, text, chat with me about how scared they are to be single in their 30s (and if you are in your 20s, just enjoy them, babes!! Be single, do you and live it UP, girl!) I find that my 30s have been the most magical, inspiring, successful and loving time of my life. And I want you to embrace, enjoy and love every single moment possible!

Last year, I went through the most painful breakup of my life. It was unexpected, sudden, and traumatizing. The pain of the breakup lingered in my heart for quite some time. I went dark for a few months, as I had to allow my heart and my mind to heal from this shock. I had to allow myself to learn to love again, but first, I had to learn to love myself and be the best version of moi. Why? Because overall, you’re going to attract all of the things you want in this lifetime when you are out living your best life, when you are shining bright, when you are working hard and loving you, more than ever before.

I started writing about my healing process and my journey to true wellness after this period in my life and I began to heal myself through my work. I could not believe how much I attracted when I opened my heart back up. And when I started practicing things that made mmy heart/mind/body/soul, feel really, really good, new people came into my life, new opportunities popped up all over the place, and a new, better version of my life began to take shape. The things that are to come may have only come after I moved through this storm and came out on the other side. I always look to the light, even in the darkest of times. I know you can start living for you, and making yourself feel really, really good. Do-you, girl!

I’m still working on this as a student, every day. For I am far from perfect, always a sweet work-in-progress. And honey, I cannot wait to share with you all the good things to come. Come back out to the light and shine!

Here are some of my favorite feel-good things! Please, do more of what you love:

1- Yoga + Exercise, 5x a week: Exercise releases endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals that make you smile, sweat and (total bonus), you can work on those abs at the same time! Yoga was my-go-to medicine in my time of healing. I practiced 2x a day, everyday, and found a new love with the culture, the people, and the support I found in each class. Find yours.

2- Practice: We are all students, we are all teachers. We are learning everyday. Practice living well, living clean and practice feeling really, really good – even if you’re just pretending sometimes! It will start to feel real, from the inside out! Live more in this moment, right now.

3- Love yourself first! Take care of yourself, be the best version of yourself, be easy on yourself, and the perfect compliment to you will come find you when you are out there doing all the things you love.

4- Enjoy your own company: I write my very best and focused work when I am alone, and I love every minute of it.You are beautiful, you are kind, you are fabulous when you roll confident and solo.

5- Surround yourself with people you admire and love: Make certain the people in your life that surround you support you, they love your heart, and they love you! Positivity is catching, and if we surround ourselves with positive people who shine bright and honest, we tend to soak that up in ourselves. And be sure to be a great, solid, grounded and real friend to them, too.

6- Pick your favorite hobbies back up: For me, it’s always been lifestyle photography and shooting food I love and create. Travel is also a huge passion of mine, and I went to Okinawa, Kyushu, Japan, Bondi and Sydney to heal my heart, as well as Cali to see my favorite girlfriends! Make time to see your friends and just laugh. Be stupid, silly, and fun… lip synch to the Biebs, call an old friend and just make fun of yourself and all the goof-ball times or the crazy parties in high school and college. It’s important to remember that you can have fun even without a special someone!

7- Find that place deep within you that feels really, really fucking good: Do more of that. I feel good when I’m with my friends, when we go workout, when we make time to laugh and play, when I get to cook for my friends, when I go shopping at the farmer’s market, when I’m writing a new book, when I’m writing for you, when I make myself a matcha tea, when I’m solo on the middle of the beach in Tamarama, Oz staring at hot surfers and basking in the sunshine. When I’m on my mat, when I draw a bath and light four candles and put my phone away, when I’m volunteering my time for those in need. When I get to have chocolate and vino in my pjs on a girls night watching Netflix. When I get to see my sis, that one time each holiday for just a few days when my best friends from Cali call, when I’m with my hometown fam and friends back in San Diego, CA, when I’m with my Japanese Mom (she makes me laugh harder than anyone)… that’s what makes me feel-good. Find yours.

8- Pray and meditate: Ask The Universe, God, whomever or whatever you believe in or look up to, ask for grace, for prayers, for forgiveness for healing, for light, for love. Ask for opportunity, and be of good service to others. You and I are a work in progress, there is no ceiling or floor, there is no start or finish. There is just life, in this very moment which you have to make brighter, warmer, lighter, stronger. Meditate for 5, 10 or 30 minutes each day, and get to that place where you start to feel really good and awaken your heart, your beautiful, bold and big heart. Make more time for you. Above all, love yourself first. Don’t look for validation from others, look for it deep within yourself. Believe me, it’s there.

Send this to anyone you love, anyone you feel close to, anyone who needs to grow their big heart. With love, grace and more goodness to come. xx ck







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