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Do More of What you Love

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By: Candice Kumai

Do what you love + you’ll never work another day in your life.

You are blessed with talents + When you utilize those talents to your best ability, that’s when you truly shine. We live in a time where we are able to do more of what we love. You’ve got to continue to challenge yourself and push forward to make your dreams come to pass. Below are a few of my fave ways to to keep doing what you love + be successful at it. You’re a hustla, homie, but you gotta werk.

Work with Integrity. Don’t half-ass anything. The competition in this industry is real, everyone can see the integrity your integrity from within. Always, always put forth your very best, its worth the effort.

Keep Going. Inevitably we will hit roadblocks, we will stumble, we will fall. Get back up, gracefully, get back up on the horse. It’s not the most talented or the smartest that win, its those who are resilient and persistent that make it. Those who are best at adaptation will make it. Keep it going.

Surround yourself with Talent. If you work with other positive, up-beat and like-minded individuals, you will find this contagious. Be someone that others want to be around. Be a driving force

Smile and Mean it. Keep your energy and your work going with a smile. Everyone loves a radiant force with a big grin. Everyone is attracted to a beautiful smile.

Communicate Well. If you keep the communication channels going, they will come back to you. Don’t be discouraged when things don’t come back to you right away. Keep the communication going.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You “You Cant”. Many people will be quick to judge. That’s not about you, that’s on them. Follow your heart and push forward with what you want. Build something that feels really good, meaningful and brilliant. The rest will follow… but don’t ever let someone else discourage you. Some are quick to judge, some will definitely hate and you know those are the douchebags you’ll want to veer from and prove wrong one day. Allow them to be your catalyst. Thank them.

Build a Door. When a window or door doesn’t open? Build it. Use social media, your website, your newsletter, these are all tools that can help you to move your brand and passion forward. Remember, when you have nothing left, build it. Success comes to those who are willing to put in the time and the work.

Do Something Meaningful. We were all meant to be of good use. Utilize your talents to be of great use to others. Put your focus on your reader//viewer//customer, and not on yourself. It’s not about you, its about how you make others feel. Make them feel really, really good. You will definitely see change and success come, but its going to take a very long time… so….

Be Patient. I hate writing this one… Because I am the most impatient of all. But this is the truth, patience is a virtue and it does come out on your side. I’ve been working as a journalist//author for over 10 years now, and I’m still figuring to how to master my craft. Years ago, I once sat on a plane next to Julia Styles from LA to NY, she asked me “What are you working on?” and at the time I said, “A book and about 4 stories”… which is the usual (now its like, a book, a show, 10 stories and 5 projects)… She began to tell me, “Candice, you’ll get there, but its going to take a lot longer than you think, girl.” Love her. PS we were sitting in the main cabin 😉 Notes to ponder on…

With love xx Candice


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